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Jungle Fever

The heat is always on in the Jungle, and our burly Gorrilas, fancy Flamingos and their hot blooded friends really know how to take it. Let the sights sounds and smells put you in touch with the animal inside.

Feeding Times

Feeding times at Jungle fever are 10:30 and 3:30


Thomas' Confusion Dome

Plagued with construction delays the Thomas Confusion Done remains a painful eyesore that Gay Zoo has decided to keep functioning, to help us learn.


Out On Safari

Come out on safari with us and see graceful Antelopes, mincing Meerkats and the king of the queens of the jungle, the majestic Lion.

Feeding Times

Feeding times at Out on Safari are 10:00 and 3:00


Bear-d City

Now we've all heard stories of Bears being forced to dance but at gay zoo they don't need to be forced, in fact, just you try and stop them. That's right, everyone in Bear City just loves to dance especially if there's a good beat, and everyone knows it's a great way to stay in shape.

Feeding Times

Feeding times at Bear-d City are 11:30 and 4:30


Sailors Paradise

Drop anchor at sailors paradise where you'll meet a host of marine marvels like our agile sea lions, playful penguins and all the rest. For an extra close encounter head down at feeding time and toss a fish or two to our flippered friends.

Feeding Times

Feeding times at sailors paradise are 11:00 and 4:00


Sea lion shows at 12:30 and 2:30


Visitors Centre and Petting Zoo

At the heart of Gay Zoo you'll find the visitors centre where you can pick up a souvenir from the make me gay merchandise store, get something delicious in your mouth at the lucky clam restaurant, spoil the animals with love at the petting zoo and when you're done, dance the night away at the fabulous queen of the jungle disco.



Welcome to San Francisco's world famous Gay Zoo, the world's only zoo exclusively for gay Animals. Here, you'll find a wonderful place where Animals are free to express themselves and explore their sexuality free from judgement and oppression. Spend the day with us and make your own voyage of discovery. Celebrate the diversity of homosexuality in the animal kingdom as you make your way through each of our 5 regions. And make sure you don't miss the pride parade at the end of every day.

Special Events

  • It's all about love at Gay Zoo and on this special day every year our animals like to make an extra effort to look great and celebrate feeling great. Bring your sweetheart and indulge in a day of romantic revelry.

  • San Fransisco's Chinese new year parade is famously the largest single celebration of Asian culture outside of Asia. At Gay zoo we know that Pandas sometimes get homesick so we like to throw a party for our little bamboo queens that really makes them feel at home

  • San Francisco's Pride Parade is second to none and every year Gay Zoo gets in on the action. Join us on June 23rd and 24th and share in the joy our animals feel being proud of who they are.

  • Join us for San Francisco Fleet Week in October as we pay tribute to our brave men and women in the US NAVY and celebrate San Francisco's proud naval heritage. The first week of October sees Sailors Paradise transform into a hive of Navy themed activity culminating with the fleet week flippers parade featuring a 1:30 scale working model of the USS Harry S Truman.

  • Don't miss our extravagant production of the jungle book starring some of our most talented animals. Every Friday night at 7 pm.

  • We know a little something about romance. Do you like the idea of having flamingos to carry your rings on your special day? How about tender hearted gorillas to shower you with delicate confetti? Well then stop dreaming call our resident wedding planner today.

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